The metal detector (V20 taobao fine steel)

The metal detector (V20 taobao

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Stainless steel type clean metal detectors are my company to introduce advanced foreign technology and imported components of the new product. And other domestic manufacturers of similar products, stainless steel type and taobao has the large depth detection instruments, accurate positioning, resolution, its biggest characteristics of detecting depth reach six meters. The metal detector is mainly used to detect and identify hidden underground media or other metal. It except for military TanLei, also widely used in:
Customs examination and safety inspection, Search; Inspection of raw materials, fuel and food; metal Check your E-mail, discusses the metal items, Waste metal recycling, Ethan iron and prospecting, archaeology, Found buried in the underground metal cultural relic and gold treasure.

Metals buried in the ground, we must go through a thick layer of soil is due to detect, by a mixture of various minerals, they will also make metal detection signal, this phenomenon is called "the mineralized reaction." In the formation of complex structure, "the mineralization is great," the signal can be caused by it covers metal target signal, and still can cause illusion. Use the old metal detectors have this kind of experience, when the probe near the ground equipment, will produce signals, sweeping probe with uneven ground, signal also follow changes, probe near the hill, stone, brick, this will make noise is "mineralized reaction" phenomenon. For this reason, the old metal detector can on the ground or shallow soil detection larger metal, metal to deep underground target is helpless.

Stainless steel type clean metal detectors used to balance the advanced control system, it is only for what we need, eliminate all other metal signals caused by sundry, only in the probe signal on metal target just send out sound, thus effectively eliminate the disgusting "mineralized reaction", greatly improving the instrument of detecting depth and accuracy.

Stainless steel V20 taobao underground metal detectors are imported technology and new products, components and other similar products compare homebred V20 taobao fine steel, underground metal detectors have deep detecting depth, automatic regulation "mineralization, the precise position, resolution, energy conservation and environmental protection, instrument long service life etc, its biggest detecting depth can achieve 3 meters. Suitable for cave, steep, plain.

Supply mode:
The only one can charge of underground metal detectors, the machine adopts high-quality rechargeable lithium batteries, full of fish power after a single work longer hours), 8 (from frequent replacement battery, will greatly reduce the cost of using later. Is other similar underground metal detectors type all, high ratio of performance to price.
Stainless steel V20 taobao underground metal detectors

Detecting depth: 2 meters
Operation: balance/recognition
Main vibration frequency: 455KHZ
433HZ signal frequency
Power consumption: 1W
Accessories: 1, the host 1 V20, 2 + 1 dish V20 agent, 3 and 1 extension rod, 4 and 1 DC12V charger, 5 and 1 pay headset, 6 and DC12V built-in rechargeable lithium electricity when pool 1 piece
7 disk screw 1, pay, 8, 1 instructions, 9, product warranty card one

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