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Product Description

HC200 paint is white or translucent powder is suitable for copper enameled wire enameled wire paint, take just the right amount of article in iron container after heated to liquid, is going to take off
Paint the part into the liquid inside, can rapidly place all sorts of enameled wire paint coated, especially suitable for large-scale operations, take off the paint with high efficiency, the effect is good,
Does not hurt the metal, it is the transformer, motor, inductance and magnetic industry companies to take off the lacquer preferred products.
Chemical composition:
Aliphatic alcohol, active agent, curing agent, regulator
Physical and chemical properties:
Appearance and properties: white or translucent particles
With a strong deliquescence, deliquescence
Caustic corrosion resistance: to a certain extent, to avoid direct contact with the skin
Relative density (water = 1, 20 C0) : 2.044
Boiling point (℃) : 955-1030
The relative vapor density (air = 1) : nonsense
Saturated vapor pressure (kPa) : nonsense
Evaporation rate (= 1) ethyl acetate: non-volatile
The flash point (℃) : nonsense
Explosion limit % (V/V) : no explosion
Ignition temperature (℃) : non-combustible
The lower explosive limit % (V/V) : nonsense
Solubility: soluble in water, alcohol, ether, acetone miscibility
Halogen content: 0.1% or less
Insulation resistance: 1.0 x 1011 or higher
Main application: all kinds of copper enameled wire enameled wire paint

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